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Why Retainers After Orthodontic Treatment are VERY IMPORTANT

The truth is your teeth will never ever stop moving. Actually, they will when you’re no longer alive! Since braces obviously are temporary when they are removed, teeth can move apart very quickly. The quick shifts are the reason why wearing retainers are necessary after ortho treatment. Although the teeth shifting is a natural phenomenon, we must wear retainers to prevent teeth from going back to their old positions.

So why are retainers extremely important? Retainers are prescribed for two reasons:


Are there different retainer options?

There are 2 different types of retainers which are removable or fixed retainers. Both retainers work very similarly and do the job of holding your teeth together. Your orthodontist will let you know which retainer would work best for your situation. Fixed retainers are recommended for patients who are prone to having spaces between their teeth. Fixed retainers are also recommended for patients who have extreme crowding on their front teeth. Also, if you do not want to go through the hassle of taking your retainers on and off- a fixed retainer may be a great option for you. However, keep in mind with fixed retainers, you really have to be on top of your hygiene!

Clear removable retainers are the most common type of retainers that are the transparent trays for your upper and lower rack that you must take off before every meal. Those are more esthetically pleasing but remember they only work if you actually wear them and not just toss them in your nightstand drawer!


How long do you have to wear retainers for?

This is the question that many people ask. The answer for this question is: you should wear your retainers “as long as you want to keep your teeth straight.” Unfortunately, that is the truth, whenever you stop wearing your retainer your teeth can begin to shift in the matter of a couple weeks. Your perfect smile after taking off your braces should not be something temporary and the use of retainers will guarantee a beautiful smile for the rest of your lifetime.


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